The first trailer for Anything has been released.

The film, which received its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year, stars John Carroll Lynch as Early, a widower who moves to Hollywood and befriends his trans neighbour Freda, played by American Horror Story star Matt Bomer.

While the two begin to form a complicated but enriching relationship together, few people in Early’s life understand it – including his family.

The film has faced criticism from some in the LGBTQ community, who have questioned why a cisgender actor is playing the role of a trans character, when so few trans actors are able to get roles on the big screen.

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Jamie Clayton, who starred in Netflix’s original sci-fi series Sense8, tweeted Matt about his role in the film back in 2016, writing: “I really hope you choose to do some actual good for the trans community one day.”

Producer Mark Ruffalo later defended the decision to cast him, writing on Twitter: “To the trans community. I hear you. It’s wrenching to see you in this pain. I am glad we are having this conversation.

“The movie is already shot and Matt poured his heart and soul into this part. Please have a little compassion. We are all learning.”

Anything is due out on 11 May in the US.

Watch the trailer below.