Seven new Star Wars comic book covers have been unveiled by Marvel and Lucasfilm to celebrate Pride Month.

The new batch of variants were created by LGBTQ+ artists to showcase the franchise’s characters who identify as members of the community.

Each cover also features a trade dress with a rainbow burst, as well as the classic Star Wars logo accompanied by a rainbow trail.

The variants will go on sale from 15 June, with the last one being released on 27 July.

Derek Charm, the artist behind the Obi-Wan #2 cover, said: “I’m really happy to be a part of this, especially when I found out I’d be drawing Kho Phon Farrus. I always gravitate towards the more villainous characters and this one has such a great design.

“It’s great to highlight that by its nature, the Star Wars universe is an infinitely inclusive and diverse place.”

One of the variants shows Lula Talisola and Zeen Mrala holding each other, which artist Javier Garrón said was “one of the greatest honours and pleasures to highlight the wonderful diversity of characters in comics.”

They continued: “Maybe we come to stories because it’s sci-fi, or action, or thriller, or whatever, really. But if we stay in them, if those stories stick with us, it is because of the characters.

“Lula and Zeen have a beautiful story, as epic as any starfighter battle, and I wanted to showcase that. An intimate, tender and quiet moment together. A loving hug looking at the stars, their destiny! Because in the great scheme of things, even on a galactic level, it’s the small human things that really matter.”

You can see all of the covers below and learn more by clicking here.