The global superstar was the interval act for this year’s Eurovision.

There have been spectacular interval acts in the Eurovision song contest, but this year might have just topped it with global superstar Madonna.

The singer was dressed with an eyepatch in a futuristic costume, fitting given that she performed Future, and was interviewed by host Assi Azar. And during her interview segment, she even quoted one great singer with “Music, makes the people come together, yeah.” Wonder who that could be from…

When Madonna got on stage she first sang her 1989 hit Like a Prayer, flanked by many monks in hoods. She then delivered, alongside Quavo, the first performance of Future.

During the song they were flanked by dancers in gas masks dancing erratically. As the song neared its conclusion the backing dancers fell of the back of the stage in pairs.

As the song climaxed, Madonna and Quavo followed suit. The song also had a political message in regards to the Israel-Palestine conflict, as two dancers carried the Palestinian and the Israeli flags on their backs.

Listen to her performance, and let us know what you thought.

Although Madonna’s overall performance got a mixed review from Eurovision fans, there were still plenty of people who supported her.

And others were there to poke fun at her outfit.