Instagram: @lizzobeeating
Instagram: @lizzobeeating

Lizzo slammed Nebraska lawmakers for passing a bill restricting abortion access and gender-affirming care during her recent concert.

Over the last few months, conservative lawmakers in states like Florida, Arkansas, Iowa, and Utah have enacted harmful legislation targeting the rights of LGBTQ+ people. 

On 19 May, Nebraska became the latest state to implement a ban on gender-affirming care for trans youth by passing LB 574 with a 33-15 vote.

Under the hateful legislation, trans individuals under the age of 19 will no longer be able to receive puberty blockers or hormone therapy treatments. 

Medical providers have also been banned from performing gender-affirming surgeries, despite the procedures rarely being performed on patients under the age of 18. 

Lastly, the archaic bill also targets the reproductive rights of residents by banning abortions after 12 weeks – with exceptions for medical emergencies, sexual assault and incest. 

Shortly after LB 574 passed, an array of LGBTQ+ activists and public figures slammed the conservative lawmakers who championed the bill, including pop icon Lizzo. 

 During the Omaha, Nebraska stop of her critically acclaimed The Special 2our, the About Damn Time singer delivered an inspiring speech in support of the state’s impacted residents.

“Anybody who comes to a Lizzo show should know that I am for people to have the right to healthcare, reproductive and gender-affirming. There’s times I get very political, and as adults, we feel it,” she exclaimed. 

“But there’s children here tonight. And it really breaks my heart that there are young people growing up in a world that doesn’t protect them. So let me be your safe space tonight.”

Lizzo went on to tell attendees not to let anyone or any law dictate who they are. 

“I see you. You are valid. You deserve to be here in every form. You contain multitudes. These laws are not real. You are what’s real, and you deserve to be protected,” she concluded. 

Following her inspiring and heartfelt speech, fans took to social media to praise Lizzo for her support. 

One person tweeted: “Amazing. Lizzo, in front of thousands of people, confronts LB574 – a gender affirming care ban and abortion ban – in Nebraska tonight.”

Another fan wrote: “Lizzo was in my Nebraska town last night, and she delivered the message we all needed after yesterday!”

Lizzo’s performance was also lauded by some of the state’s liberal senators like Megan Hunt, who made headlines for iconically filibustering the aforementioned bill for three months. 

“Lizzo shouted out today’s vote and said if anyone is here who doesn’t stand for abortion rights and trans rights, they should know that that’s not what she’s about,” she wrote on Twitter.

“That’s you, Ballard!! Be better omg Nebraska could be so cool if not for people like you.”

Senator John Fredrickson echoed similar sentiments in his own tweet, writing: “Thank you @lizzo, for giving Nebraska what it needed tonight.” 

Lizzo’s recent speech comes a few weeks after she slammed Tennessee lawmakers for passing a bill banning public drag shows.

In addition to her fiery words, the Truth Hurts singer also brought out 20 drag queens and kings from the Drag Race franchise and across the Tennessee club scene to spread her inclusive message.


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