Years & Years and MNEK have teamed up for a new Latin pop-infused banger.

The band’s frontman, Olly Alexander, and singer-songwriter MNEK have been friends for the longest time, regularly popping up on each other’s social media, so it’s about time they finally paired up in the studio for a duet.

“Valentine’s Day is cancelled,” wrote MNEK alongside a heartbroken emoji earlier this week, teasing that a collaboration would be dropping on 14 Feburary, and lo and behold, here it is – and it was so worth the wait.

On the up-tempo track, queer icons Olly and MNEK lament being swept off their feet and strung along by the same person, named Valentino, before vowing to “say goodbye” to him.

“I didn’t know when I met Valentino, I was giving him control over me,” they sing. “Now I’m stuck in his melody, let me go, let me go Valentino, you’re not getting anymore out of me, I don’t want your cruel melody.”

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, or you’ve experienced the pain of heartbreak, this one’s for you.

Listen to Valentino below.