Rene Vaile

imbi the girl released their new song today, making it their first release of the year.

The song is now available on iTunes and it’s definitely worth checking out.

In a statement about the new song they said, “i used to is about a period in life where I and those around me were overwhelmed with energy and intense feelings to the point of complete confusion.

“It’s an ode to that state of being, an acceptance of how it feels, it’s importance in our life processes and also a declaration of my dedication to clarity and receptivity. When writing it, the lyrics and melody came very naturally to me, so every time I listen to it I gain further insight into its meaning.”

In an interview with Gay Times last year, imbi the girl discussed their music as well as their own gender, and being a non-binary musician.

“I’ve always wanted to be a musician. Since I can remember, I was fantasising about being on stage and singing in large crowds. I always knew it was what I was supposed to do in this life.

“Being non-binary, for me, is a rejection of society’s gender constructs and a public declaration that my individuality cannot and will not be thwarted…

“Every person has their own unique journey in their queerness and we can never ever assume that we understand someone else’s, let alone erase those stories by using generalisations.

“I have time and time again felt like a people pleaser, a tick in a box beside other minorities. I have found very few venues/festivals with gender neutral bathrooms.

“I have found myself very regularly misgendered on stage and by staff/crew and I rarely feel safe enough to correct people in industry environments.”

Read our full interview with imbi the girl here, and check out their new song i used to with SUPEREGO below.