“All of these bills are utterly and completely dehumanizing.”  

Actress and longstanding LGBTQ+ activist Laverne Cox has opened up about Alabama and the anti-trans bill that passed in new social media post.

Taking to Instagram, the Orange Is the New Black star expressed her disappointment in the legislation.

“[…] I’m sick of having conversations about the validity of trans people, we exist, we are here. The work is to understand that we are here and that we have been treated as second class citizens for a very long time.

“So what is happening in my home state of Alabama, what is happening all over the country, what is happening rhetorically around transgender people is dehumanizing but what I want to remind you of is that transgender people are human,” she exclaimed.

Alabama senate recently passed a law that bans transgender youth from undergoing hormone therapy, puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery.

The new legislation, also known as SB10, was approved by a 23-4 vote and is known as the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act.

Under the new law, medical professionals that perform any gender-affirming medical treatments to transgender people under the age of 19 will face up to 10 years in prison or a 15,000 fine.

She then went on to give an inspiring and empowering speech to the transgender community.

“What I want to remind all of the trans folks out there who might be listening to this, that you are human, that you are beautiful, that trans is beautiful, and that no matter what attacks are happening out there against you and your humanity that you have a right to be here.”

Laverne ended her video urging her followers to not engage in the dehumanizing rhetoric and to not talk about their humanity on anyone else’s terms.

“Folks who have the bandwidth, we need to fight against this law in Alabama and [anti-trans] laws all over this country and we need to love each other”

Watch Laverne Cox’s inspiring video below.


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