Alt-pop artist L Devine is back with new music ahead of the release of her Near Life Experience: Part 1 project.

L Devine is back with a bang and her new track, Priorities, has made quite the impact after it was crowned as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World.

The new anthem single follows the singer’s new release Girls Like Sex which spent four weeks on the Radio 1 playlist.

Priorities dives deep into L Devine’s emotion as it unpacks the universal experiences of a relationship reaching its breaking point. The singer captures the feelings in her catchy diary-like lyrics and an alt-pop tempo.

“When I see the time of my life I see you in the centre,” L Devine confesses in the song, before exploring letdown feelings: “You put a drink with your friends twice a week before you put me.”

In a press statement, L Devine opens up about the meaning of the new single: “I had the title Priorities in mind for a while. I just wanted to get my frustrations in a relationship out, as I was so maddened that this person wasn’t putting me first, like I was with them.

“Over time, the song’s meaning has changed for me. Now it makes me think of the journey I’ve been on with myself since I wrote it.

“I’ve realised all the things I list in the song that this person is prioritising over me, are things I should be doing for myself. I was so fixated on putting my whole self-worth onto this person when really, I just needed to stop and look after myself.”

L Devine will be embarking on an exciting major UK headline tour in September 2020.