Real Housewives of Beverly Hills legend Kyle Richards plays Morgan Wade’s lover in the country star’s new music video for ‘Fall in Love with Me’.

Released on 10 August, the duo – who Kyle recently clarified are just “good friends” – play new neighbours who end up becoming an item.

Its tongue-in-cheek storyline sees each of them do everything from seductively work out in front of one another to feeding each other strawberries and whipped cream.

“It’s campy and fun — but also important and representative of all kinds of love, even in the country space, in any space,” Morgan wrote on social media after the video was released.

She continued: “@kylerichards18 and I trusted the process of making a piece of art that stands boldly beside this music and I’m proud of that.

“Thanks for the support and love. Love is love is love.”


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The video comes after rumours that the duo are romantically involved recently set the internet alight, which they now appear to be making fun of.

Last week, when teasing its release, Morgan said the duo were hoping to “troll the trolls” who think they are dating.

“You see people being obsessed with us being friends and why we’re friends,” she said in a promo clip on 4 August. “Internet’s going to be popping off about this, I’m sure.”

You can watch the video below or by clicking here.