Keiynan Lonsdale and his boyfriend are major couple goals.

If you entered 2019 feeling sad that you didn’t have someone to share a New Year’s kiss with, then you should probably look away now – this won’t help you feel any less lonely.

Love, Simon star Keiynan and his partner Zak Frio spent New Year’s Eve together, and recorded their midnight kiss for all their followers to see.

“My first New Year’s Kiss and I’m so proud it’s with a boy,” he wrote. “And not just any boy… it’s Sparkle Boy.”

Last year, Keiynan opened up about his sexuality during an Instagram Live, explaining: “I’m still surprised I get this question. I came out last year as not straight.

“Now it just depends on the day, sometimes I’m bisexual, sometimes I’m gay, sometimes I’m straight, sometimes I’m not anything. It doesn’t matter. Either way, through all that, I’m Keiynan. So if your question is, ‘Am I Keiynan?’ Yes, I am Keiynan.”

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