“We would’ve been down, just to be clear.”

Jameela Jamil has chimed in on the potential same-sex romance with Tahani and Eleanor on The Good Place.

Since the series first aired back in 2016, fans of the critically-acclaimed comedy have shipped their two characters and labelled them ‘Teleanor’, and even William Jackson Harper – who plays Chidi – confirmed that their romance was a possibility.

“It would be interesting right?” he told Metro. “It would be an interesting thing to have on network television a same sex couple in a show that isn’t about same sex coupling, you know?

“There’s a million different possibilities and one of the things I think the show does well, and really kind of into, is the fact that Eleanor is super bisexual and it’s not something that we just focus on.

Jamil also told Stylist: “I love the fact that [my character] and Eleanor [Bell] have this friendship and they kinda form a rivalry. If anything, it’s kind of a sexual tension that fans seem to have picked up on between me and Eleanor, which is great.”

During a recent appearance on The Stephen Colbert Show, the host showed the cast lesbian fan art of Tahani and Eleanor, and later asked if a romance between the two fan-favourite characters was a possibility.

“Well we’ve certainly alluded to it a lot of times, how attracted Eleanor is to Tahani,” Bell explained.

“Although I believe the consensus was there’s not really a reason, it’s not a pivotal point in the story, to define either persons sexuality, and it almost just seems like indulgent and not necessary to go into it.

“Like, why do we have to define what Eleanor is attracted to? Maybe Eleanor is just attracted to whoever she’s attracted to? And so Tahani is gorgeous and so she keeps mentioning it, so yeah, I think Eleanor is kinda bi. It’s fine with me.”

Jamil then chimed in: “We would’ve been down, just to be clear.”

C’mon Teleanor! Watch the clip below.

Since its premiere, The Good Place has received universal acclaim from critics, who have praised the show for its acting, writing and originality. The first two seasons – and 12 episodes of season three – are available now on UK Netflix.