Could Mother Ru and company be filming season 2 of Drag Race UK?

Fans peeped a possible easter egg that may imply that season two of the popular series is currently filming.

During this year’s WOWIE Awards the drag legend made a quick appearance during a skit performed by UK winner The Vivienne.

The hilarious sketch pokes fun at Donald Trump and his huge loss in this year’s election.

In the video we see The Vivienne step back into the role of Trump as he gets the news he lost the presidency.

The bad news continues for Trump when a message from RuPaul herself comes in.

“The time has come for you to lipsync for the presidency,” she says.

Hilarity ensues and The Vivienne performs Ru’s track Champion.

Many fans of the series pointed out that RuPaul’s scenes were filmed in the UK, pointing out the set background.

The beloved competition series came to a halt back in March, like many other productions across the world, due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in October comedian Alan Carr opened up about the status of season 2 while on the British morning show Lorraine.

“I’m filming that in a fortnight’s time, so that will be nice to just get that finished,” he said.

He continued: “It’s also good for some of the drag queens who maybe their sewing wasn’t that good – because in the lockdown, if they’ve got any sense, they’d be on that sewing machine, with that pedal down! No excuse.”

The new season is expected to air in the new year.

Watch The Vivienne full skit below.