Let the music play.

As we prepare for the epic showdown that is the grand finale of Drag Race season 13, Mother Ru and company have treated us to a unique reunion special unlike any other.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the annual Reunited special was hosted virtually.

For this episode, the queens joined Mother Ru to spill some behind the scenes tea and showcase their iconic lip-syncing skills.

Denali, Tamisha Iman, Kahmora Hall, Joey Jay, LaLa Ri, Elliot with 2 T’s, Tina Burner, Utica Queen and Olivia Lux made an appearance during the nearly two-hour special.

From reminiscing on heartfelt moments to discussing the gag-worthy drama, nothing was off the table for the eliminated queens.

During Tamisha’s segment, the drag legend discussed the explosive fight she had with Kandy Muse. She also gave fans an update on where they both stand.

“I came to the show to gain the sisterhood I never gained in my community, but you’re not going to mesh with everybody,” Tamisha said.

“So Kandy and I would never be friends, but I don’t wish her any ill will. I don’t wish her any negative hate or anything like that. If the cameras were not there, I would have hit her.”

When it came to friendships Denali and Rosé were a favourite amongst viewers.

The Ice queen opened up about her relationship with the top four queen and praised her for being a supportive friend.

“Obviously I got close to my sister from another mister, Rosé,” she said.

“As we continued onto the competition, a lot of my successes happened to alongside Rosé, a lot of the heartache and the pain happened to alongside Rosé. You never know, a few shots of some Scottish whiskey… anything can happen.”

The reunion special also had the nine eliminated contestants create their very own lip-sync music videos.

While the majority of the queens performed songs from some of music’s biggest artists, Tamisha Iman, Lala Ri and Tina Burner delivered sickening performances of original tracks.

Of course, Mother Ru couldn’t have a reunion show without the top four finalists – Gottmik, Symone, Kandy Muse and Rosé.

Each of the final contestants followed a different format and answered a series of “69 questions” while preparing for their grand finale appearance.

Wrapping up the episode, RuPaul picked two lip-sync assains to face off in a lip-sync smackdown for their selected charity. LaLa and Denali ended up being the two queens to battle it out for the donation, with the latter winning the $10,000 reward.

For her equally epic performance, LaLa was awarded a $5,000 cash prize for her charity as well.

While fans enjoyed seeing their favourite eliminated queens during the reunited special, some expressed their disappointment with the format.

Here’s what fans had to say about the reunion special of Drag Race season 13: