The creator of HBO’s Looking has opened up about what the show’s third season would have looked like if it was renewed.

Hailed as a modern take on gay-themed dramas (and as the gay version of Sex and the City and Girls), the series followed Patrick Murray (Jonathan Groff) and his two friends Agustín (Frankie J Alvarez) and Dom (Murray Bartlett) as they navigate, love, friendship, heartbreak and gay culture in San Francisco.

The cast of Looking also featured Russell Tovey as Kevin, Raúl Castillo as Richie, Daniel Franzese as Eddie and Lauren Weedman as Doris.

Despite the show receiving heaps of praise from both critics and LGBTQ+ viewers, Looking was cancelled by HBO after two seasons due to low ratings.

While Looking wrapped up its loose ends in an additional TV movie, fans have always wondered what a third season would have entailed.

Fortunately, the show’s creator Michael Lannan spilt the tea to Entertainment Weekly about the juicy storylines that would have been featured if the series was renewed.

For Patrick, Lannan revealed that his love triangle between Richie and Kevin would have been put on the back burner.

“Patrick has this standard love triangle, and it felt like it was time to shatter that trope,” he explained.

One storyline that would have guided Groff’s character away from his love triangle was a new relationship with someone with a more fluid view of sexuality.

“In the best-case scenario, I think Patrick was going to learn to take himself a little less seriously through this relationship, while also feeling more confident in his own identity,” Lannan explained.

Lannan also explored the idea of having Patrick enter a throple relationship, which would have broadened his perspective on relationships.

Augistín’s journey in season three would have revolved around him exploring different gender identities and working at the youth shelter.

Rounding out the trio, Dom’s storyline would have seen him start a relationship with a San Francisco activist and divorcee – who had recently come out as gay and had a kid.

“After his relationship with Lynn, where he was the younger guy, it would have been fun to flip that to see what it would be like to literally become a daddy and have to be responsible for a kid,” Lannan explained. “Maybe Dom was going to become a stepdad to this teenager, which would be funny and interesting to watch.”

Lastly, Richie’s story in season three would have focused on his troubled relationship with his family and potential reconciliation with Patrick. In contrast, Kevin’s story would have seen him developing a drug addiction after his breakup with Patrick.

Towards the end of his interview, Lunnan said he was open to the idea of a Looking reunion and even listed a Christmas special as a potential idea.

Here’s to hoping that Looking will return to our screens.

The first two seasons of Looking are available to stream on Sky Go and Now TV.