Fellow Travelers star Matt Bomer has opened up about being roommates with Foundation actor Lee Pace.

Since making waves with his roles in White Collar and The Normal Heart, the openly gay talent has left an unforgettable mark in the Hollywood sphere with his dreamy good looks and superb acting talent.

However, before becoming an A-list star, Bomer was once a struggling actor living in New York City, hitting the pavement for his big break.

In a recent interview with GQ Hype, The Boys in the Band star reflected on the early days of his career while touring the West Village with his Fellow Travelers co-star Jonathan Bailey.

After showing the Bridgerton star the local sights, like “an iconic lesbian bar,” the American Horror Story actor revealed that he worked two jobs to live in a one-bedroom apartment with fellow actor Pace – whom he had known since high school.

“I’ll tell you how long I’ve known Lee Pace. I’ve known Lee Pace. I’ve known him since he was shorter than me, when he was 14, and I was 15,” he explained.

This isn’t the first time Bomer has opened up about his close friendship with Pace.


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Back in 2018, the Magic Mike XXL star gave insight into the advice he gave the Bodies Bodies Bodies star about publically coming out.

“My counsel to him counsel to him was, basically, when you decide to make it public, it can feel like you’re operating in a void,” Bomer explained to The New York Times.

“Nothing about you has changed, but maybe certain people’s opinions about you have changed. The beautiful thing about that is out of that void come all the people who truly want to engage with you and want to embrace your most authentic self.”

Pace has also been vocal about his love for Bomer, telling Buzzfeed in 2014 that they maintained a good friendship after high school.

“He was a year older than me,” he told the news outlet before revealing that they starred in numerous plays together.

“We did The Diary of Anne Frank. He was Mr Van Daans, and I was Mr Dussel,” he added.

We need Bomer and Pace to collaborate on a friendship comedy TV series or film ASAP.