RAYE has just delivered one of the biggest bangers of the year. 

Co-written by the British singer-songwriter and produced by Billen Ted, Call On Me is an infectious, pulsating dance anthem that is guaranteed to have pop music stans on their feet this summer. 

Speaking with GAY TIMES about the track, the singer admits she went into her studio session intending to create the “biggest pop song” of her career (we can all agree that she succeeded, right?). It was also inspired by her little sister, who was “going through a tough time” that day. 

“I just remember being like, ‘I love her and just want to hold her,’” RAYE recalls of the session. “I was speaking about her the whole time like, ‘I need to go and see my sister.’ I just ended up writing the song about her and I think that’s why I love it so much.” 

The accompanying visual for Call On Me is RAYE’s most ambitious yet (and one of the best of the year), featuring the star as a showgirl-inspired character with several jaw-dropping costumes and sets. Although RAYE says she’s “not really a dancer by nature,” the star launches her bid for dance superstardom with tons of fierce choreography. Life? Provided! 

“We’ve levelled up. I wanted to go all-out, full choreo. It’s just the set of my dreams to be honest,” says RAYE. “The outfits, the looks. Hun, I’m so proud of this video. I think it’s hard nowadays, especially in the UK, because priorities for labels aren’t necessarily visuals, it’s the hits.

“There isn’t that much time and attention and love for the art, or as much as I think there needs to be. I’ve been able to go into the details I’ve dreamed about going into my whole career for the first time. It’s been a crazy journey to get to this point.” 

RAYE reveals that Call On Me is intended to be the lead single from her upcoming untitled debut album. She says she has a folder of 70 (!) songs that she has to dwindle down for the album, and is still writing for the project. “We’re still in the forming phase and I do have a couple of name options, but the songs are there.” 

Call On Me follows in the footsteps of RAYE’s debut mini-album, Euphoric Sad Songs, which received critical acclaim and spawned the UK top 10 smasher Secrets (with Regard), as well as pop perfect tracks such as Love Me Again, Love of Your Life and Natalie Don’t. RAYE also earned a massive top three hit earlier this year with Joel Corry and David Guetta on house anthem Bed. 

“That project gave me life. What a blessing it was to be able to release that in such a dark time,” says RAYE, adding that she doesn’t want to be known as a single artist, but rather as an artist who can create a cohesive body of work. 

“I think that’s probably been one of the hardest parts throughout my career, which is why it has taken me so long to get to this point. I’ve always been told, ‘RAYE, choose a sound. Choose an image. Stay consistent. Who are you as an artist RAYE?’” she explains. 

“It’s like, do I have to choose one thing? I’ve been bouncing across genres and flavours, but for the first time, I’m realising that’s not a bad thing. I’ve been made my whole career to feel like I’m a disoriented, unaware artist, but it’s not that. I’m a musician, I’m a creative and I have so much music in my head at all times.”

Now, RAYE says her label has “come around to understanding” who she is as an artist; an artist who is “free, loves to break the rules, push boundaries and take risks”. 

“In a business model like that, everyone’s the opposite mentality. Finally, I feel closer to my label than I’ve ever been,” the star continues. “They are so excited about my new stuff. They’re having big meetings and giving me a budget, life is good hun. I’m feeling the love!”

Call On Me is now available on iTunes and streaming services – listen to the incredible pop anthem here on Apple Music and watch the music video below.