Arón Piper and Manú Rios are joining forces (again) for the upcoming Spanish-language thriller series Muted.

The stars respectively rose to international fame as Ander Muñoz and Patrick Blanco Commerford in Netflix’s scandalous teen drama Élite. The characters were memorably involved in a throuple with Omar Ayuso’s fan-favourite Omar Shanaa.

The dynamic will be slightly different in this new series, however, as they will reportedly play enemies.

The official synopsis for the series reads: “Sergio Ciscar (Piper) has remain silent since he killed his parents. Six years later, he is released from prison to enter a surveillance program led by a psychiatrist who will try to figure out what is he hiding behind his silence.”

Muted’s cast also includes Almudena Amor, Ramiro Blas, Aitor Luna, Cristina Kovani, Viti Suárez, Aria Bedmar, Mikel Losada, Elena Sáenz, Estela Theus, and Miguel Garces.

Written, created and produced by Spanish screenwriter and producer Aitor Gabilondo, Muted will run for eight episodes and premieres on Netflix in full on 19 May. You can watch the trailer here or below.