TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney celebrated her 500th day since coming out as trans.

Over the last year-and-a-half, the 26-year-old talent has been an open book about her journey through various social media posts and her popular “Days of Girlhood” series.

While she has garnered a dedicated and supportive fanbase, she has also been subjected to hate from conservative individuals.

In April, Mulvaney was met with backlash after she uploaded a video promoting Bud Light’s ‘March Madness’ contest whilst simultaneously celebrating her first year living as a woman.

The post resulted in conservative individuals and Republican public figures spewing anti-trans rhetoric and announcing their boycott of Bud Light.

On 27 July, Mulvaney took to her social media channels to reflect on her intense journey and to celebrate her 500th day since publicly coming out.

“It’s day 500 of publically coming out as a woman, and that’s a win. And whatever your take on my series was, at its core, it was about me learning new things. And I think I’ve learned more since day 365 than I did during that whole first year,” she said.

“On day 387, I learned that trust is something that should be earned and not just instantly awarded. I was the most trusting ad giving person… but that has changed.

“On day 398, I learned that misery loves company. I think that a lot of people have difficulty seeing others happy and successful, especially when they don’t fit the standard of the patriarchy, and I can’t tell you enough how much these last four months have felt like high school.”


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Elsewhere in her video, Mulvaney reflected on learning who her true loved ones were.

“On day 408, I learned who my true loved ones are. I had a lot of people come into my life over the last year but it’s fascinating to actually see who goes quiet and who stands up,” she said.

“More than anything, I’ve received pity, which, if you ever experience pity it, doesn’t actually feel good for the receiver. I think it’s a way for the giver to soothe their guilt.

“And not to say that reaching out to someone is bad or leaving a comment, which so many of your comments made me smile on hard days, but I see more productive ways to get active and show rather than tell.”

The beloved talent went on to praise the trans and queer community who “picked her back up without pity”.

Towards the end of her video, Mulvaney dedicated her 500th-day achievement to her younger self.

“Today is actually day 9705 of being a woman because I’ve always been one. My four-year-old self knew that my ten-year-old self knew that, my 15-year-old self knew that, and they deserve to celebrate these wins too,” she exclaimed.

“And they deserve to celebrate these wins too.”

We can’t wait to see what Mulvaney achieves next.