RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Kylie Sonique Love has called out the so-called “sh***y attitude,” of her All Stars 6 castmate Trinity K Bonet on the latest episode of Bring Back My Girls.

In the second episode of the WOW Presents Plus series that aired on 13 December, host Ts Madison brings together Kylie Sonique Love, Jan, Jiggly Caliente, Pandora Boxx, Ra’Jah O’Hara and Scarlet Envy to delve into some of the most talked about and unaired moments from the season.

Ts Madison asked a fan question: “Was eliminating Trinity before the finale strategic?”

“It was easy for me,” Kylie immediately answered. Before Ra’Jah qualified: “It was easy, but it was not strategic” and pointed out “she had the worst track record.”

Kylie divulged that Trinity “had a pretty sh***y attitude.”

“That’s my sister, but she had a sh***y attitude, point blank period,” she reaffirmed.

“I’m just gonna keep it real. I love her, I’m sure she’s great today, but on that day, bye.”

Although Trinity was not present in the episode, she shared the clip on her own social media alongside the caption: “Sisterhood at its finest! Wasn’t even invited to defend myself on this panel. But hey … I’m still a sensitive creature! And that’s okay #worsttrackrecord #mostviral #allstars6”


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Trinity initially made it to the final four of All Stars 6, before the season’s twist turned out to be a “Lip-Sync Smackdown”. That saw eliminated queen Eureka round out the top five alongside Ginger Minj, Kylie, Ra’Jah and Trinity.

The latter was eliminated by her sisters in the following week’s episode when she found herself in the bottom two.

Bring Back My Girls reunites casts across the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise in front of a live audience at DragConLA.

Queens from the US, UK, Canada, Holland and Down Under all spill the tea on never before heard confessions, inside stories, laughs and fights.