The Rosé has unleashed her debut music video for The Devil in the Details.

The triple-threat entertainer rosé to fame as a contestant on the 13th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race earlier this year, where she won three maxi-challenges and sashayed her way to the lip-sync smackdown for the crown.

Now, The Rosé is launching her bid for pop superstardom with the 80s-inspired synthpop anthem The Devil in the Details, which ‘nods’ to pop icons such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

Speaking with GAY TIMES, The Rosé says she wanted to write and record music as soon as she finished filming Drag Race, and “this was the story” she immediately wanted to tell after her experience.

“It’s a love song to myself, written through the guise of a message for a love interest,” says the star.

Directed by Austin Nunes, the video begins with The Rosé out of drag as he tries to catch the eye of a male suitor. “It’s me, out of drag, trying to show a man that he doesn’t need to try so hard — because I’m already all his,” she explains.

In a dream sequence at the halfway point, The Rosé makes an appearance in full she-devil, HIM from The Powerpuff Girls-esque drag as she “embodies a sort of sex goddess – wise, important and completely irresistible.”

“When my love interest sees me as Rosé, he understands my message with ease, and lets loose. It’s hot,” she adds.

Check it out for yourself – watch the steamy visual for The Rosé’s infectious new anthem, The Devil in the Details, here or below.

Since her stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Rosé has gone through a bit of a rebrand. You’ll have noticed that she’s no longer Rosé, she’s The Rosé

She explains of the change: “When I recorded and released a cover of Miley Cyrus’s Gimme What I Want earlier this year, distributors would not allow me to claim my drag name as my artist/musician name. The system alerted us that there are “too many Rosé’s,” and that I’d need to change or adjust my persona.

“I, of course, chose to adjust it. Now when you’re listening to my music, wearing my merchandise, or attending my concerts, you’re not engaging with just any Rosé. You’re engaging with The Rosé.”

The star credits her time on the Emmy Award-winning series with influencing “every aspect” of her life, and providing her with reassurance that she is “capable of just about anything I set my mind to, which as an artist means I can relax and trust my process.”

Music isn’t the only avenue she wants to conquer. The Rosé tells us: “I feel like the sky is the limit. My dream is to work in scripted TV and film. I guess you could say my plan is to slay every opportunity that comes my way.”

The Devil In The Details is now available on all streaming platforms – listen here on Apple Music or below.