Here’s everything we know…

Uber. Robbie Turner. You may have heard these two together quite a lot recently, eh?

Not quite sure what the T is? Are you a Drag Race fan, but not enough of a fanatic that you’ve scoured Reddit for hours in hopes of finding the answer? Well don’t worry, because we’ve broken down exactly what’s happened with Robbie and that ‘fatal’ car crash…

So what happened, then?

Last Sunday (15 April), Robbie caused concern when fans woke up to a series of tweets, in which the season eight contestant described a brush with death. The Seattle-based comedy queen said she took an Uber home when the car was hit by a drunk driver.

Robbie revealed that she was submitted to hospital after losing consciousness, and miraculously walked away without a scratch.

“I just woke up. I’ve been in a car accident. I didn’t recollect it. I’m not certain what happened. My driver did not survive,” she tweeted. “When I was informed of what actually happened, my closest family and friends came to mind. Wear a seatbelt. I did.”

She continued: “Last night on my way home my Uber was struck by a drunk driver. I closed my eyes briefly & it happened. I heard it, but hit my head & it was over. They ran tests at the hospital, but outside of my shoulder feeling jammed & my right eye hurting, I only have a bruise. Grateful.”

Turner then reflected on the loved ones in her life, and felt regret for not saying sooner: “Thank you, and just how much I love them.”

Take a look at the series of tweets below:

What did Uber and the Seattle Police Department have to say?

Seattle Gay Scene reached out for more information on the accident, due to the lack of reports from mainstream media outlets.

This is when it gets fishy.

A spokesperson from the Seattle Police Department told them: “I am not aware of anything like that occurring, nor are any of my colleagues aware of this accident.”

They were also told by a representative from Uber that none of their drivers had been involved in a drunk driving accident.

Nathan Hambley, a spokesperson for Uber, told The Stranger: “Thanks for reaching out, and really sorry to hear that news. We of course know Robbie and have reached out. We are also looking into the accident, but have no information at this time to believe this occurred on our app. If I find out more today, I’ll be back in touch.”

What do Robbie’s Drag Race sisters think of the situation? 

Several of Robbie’s Drag Race sisters have commented on the matter, including Laganja Estranja, BenDeLaCreme, Kim Chi, Bianca Del Rio and Willam.

Some of the queens – and most of the internet – have mocked the situation, and it’s spawned several viral memes.

“Sad to think I was living while an imaginary Uber driver was dying,” said her fellow season eight contestant, Kim Chi.

Laganja and BenDeLa, on the other hand, slammed those who made light of the situation, citing her emotional stability as a reason to “cultivate empathy.”

See the queens’ reactions below:

What affect has it had on Robbie’s career?

The Stranger reached out to her home bar in Seattle, who told them Robbie is taking a “personal leave” from Queer/Bar as their Entertainment Director and host of the weekly drag show.

“Robbie will be taking some time away to try to figure out what’s best for him,” said Joey Burgess, Queer/Bar’s owner.

Queer/Bar also confirmed that “the company learned of this supposed incident last weekend from Robbie’s social media post. In full support of our friend and manager, we reached out to evaluate Robbie’s condition and offer any help with his physical and mental recovery.

“We also reached out in an attempt to support the driver’s family in their difficult time. And then we discovered some inconsistencies with the story.”

As it currently stands, Robbie’s still slated to appear at RuPaul’s Drag Con, and hasn’t cancelled any of her tour dates.

What has Robbie had to say about it? 

Following the post, Robbie went silent.

On 27 April, she confirmed the crash never took place during a lengthy interview with Entertainment Weekly. She also made a statement via Twitter.

“As an entertainer, I share virtually everything that happens in my day to day life,” she tweeted. “Much public attention followed my recent posts on social media. These were posts I regret sharing. I don’t remember much of that night, including leaving my place of employment.

“I do recall waking up bruised, disoriented, sore, and with an extremely vivid recollection of events that had, to my mind, absolutely occurred. It is clear to me that they did not, in fact, happen. The past few months have been very stressful for my family and I.

“The stress, depression, heartache and confusion during this time have overwhelmed me. On the advice of physicians and caring mental health professionals, I am taking a break from work and social media to spend more time with family and practice some important self-care.”

Robbie then apologised to Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO, for naming a company she respects “in such a negative public way.”

She continued: “That’s not who I am, but it’s what I did, and I am sorry for it. I also extend my apologies to Queer Bar as well as anyone who may have felt that my original post lacked sensitivity.

“For that I am also regretful. I appreciate the continued support of my fans and respect for my privacy during this time. I hope to take better care of myself, learn from this painful season and nourish what brought me joy about my art to begin with.”