‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Darienne Lake has launched a hilarious ‘smear campaign’ against her fellow ‘All Stars 8’ queens ahead of the finale.

As one of the season’s eliminated queens, Darienne is eligible to win the ‘Fame Games’ runway competition – a prize voted on by viewers that comes with a handy $60,000 (£46,000).

The only three cast members not competing are Jimbo and Kandy Muse, the season’s final two, and Heidi N Closet, who quit the show in episode five.

As part of her campaign to be crowned ‘Queen of the Fame Games’, Darienne has taken to social media to explain why each of her competitors should not be crowned over her.

“She won over $35,000 on #AllStars8 AND sent MY FRIEND @KashaDavis home! Giving @JessicaWild88 more money is like tax cuts for the wealthy. Eat the rich. I’m Darienne Lake and I approve this message. #SmearCampaign,” she said of the last queen to be eliminated, fan favourite Jessica Wild.

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Discussing Alexis Michelle, Darienne claimed that the queen “drove a bus over” her without owning a “commercial drivers licence”.

When it came to LaLa Ri, Darienne pointed out that the season 13 queen won $10,000 (£7,600) on ‘All Stars 8’ – though still declared she was “stealing everything” before leaving the set.

“She already has a job working for RuPaul’s drag race live in Vegas,” she said of Kahanna Montrese. “Sounds like insider trading to me. What’s the truth, @Kahannamontrese? Showgirl? More like, show-your-tax-returns, girl. Darienne Lake and I approve this message. #SmearCampaign.”

Meanwhile, Darienne accused Jaymes Mansfield of “corporate toxic dumping” hairspray into the ozone via her wig company.

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Mrs. Kasha Davis was smeared for “already living the dream” with a “beautiful suburban home”, husband and two Teslas while Darienne has “nobody” but her cat.

“Have you seen @NayshaLopez’ boyfriend?” she wrote alongside a picture of the couple. “She’s won enough in life. Vote for me for queen of the game games. I’m Darienne Lake, and I approve this message. #smearcampaign.”

Lastly, she stated that Monica Beverly Hillz “doesn’t recycle” as she hasn’t been seen wearing any of her runway looks since being on the season and asked fans to vote for her instead as she has more “care” for the planet.

Voting for the ‘Fame Games’ is now open here and concludes on 14 July at 12am PT / 3am ET.