The first season of Drag Race Philippines concluded on Wednesday (12 October) with an epic lip-sync smackdown for the crown.

Before the queens faced off, the eliminated contestants ruturned and stomped down the runway one final time, with host Paolo Ballesteros announcing Lady Morgana as the season’s Miss Congeniality.

In her speech, Morgana said she was “grateful” to her sisters for the award and that she already “feels like a winner” despite her placement in the competition.

Later, with the assistance of the roulette wheel, the Drag Gods determined that Eva La Queen and Precious Paula Nicole would lip-sync against each other, with Marina Summers and Xilhouette competing in the second showdown.

Precious Paula Nicole and Marina Summers conquered their respective lip-syncs to the beat of RuPaul’s Sissy That Walk and Call Me Mother, relegating Eva Le Queen and Xilhouette to joint third/fourth place.

After a riveting lip-sync to Sirena by Gloc-9 and Ebe Dancel – and a special cameo appearance from RuPaul – Paolo declared Precious Paula Nicole as the inaugural winner of Drag Race Philippines.

“Life is precious and so are we. Let’s continue to inspire and let’s continue to love,” said the champion. “I am Precious Paula Nicole, your Drag Race superstar. Let’s party!”

Viewers celebrated Precious Paula Nicole’s victory on social media while praising her lip-sync abilities, with one fan saying she was “born” to be on the stage.

“I’ve always been a Marina stan but Precious Paula Nicole really ate that lipsync,” tweeted a fan, while another said she “devoured” the entire episode.

Another wrote: “It was a tough finale fight between Marina Summers and Precious Paula Nicole. Both Queens gave their all and slayed. And both of them proved that they are worthy of the crown.

“Congratulations Marina and Precious! You both deserve the top spots!”

Check out the best social media reactions to the finale of Drag Race Philippines below.

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