The third elimination on RuPaul’s Drag Race season five has provoked an outpouring of sadness by fans.

Spoilers ahead.

The fifth episode aired on screens ahead of the clocks going back and nothing says a dark winter’s evening like the great British staple of a trip to the panto.

The all-singing all-dancing extravaganza titled ‘Panto She Better Don’t – The Rusical’ transported viewers to the theatre. For an aftershow delight, the runway theme was ‘Mirror, Mirror.’

Who better to cast their eye over proceedings than acclaimed actress and writer Cush Jumbo (Good Wife) who joined the judging panel this week.

Keeping things theatrical, this week’s lip-sync was to Susan Boyle’s cover of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Misérables. DeDeLicious went head to head with Banksie, with the latter sashaying away.

Ginger Johnson was crowned the overall winner of week five.

Speaking to the Manchester queen, RuPaul said: “Banksie, you my dear, will always be head and shoulders above the rest. Now sashay-away.” Before taking one final sashay on the infamous runway, Banksie wrote on the mirror: “Love you sisters, all hail the rat queen!”

In their exit interview, Banksie admitted that they were feeling “gutted” to be the next queen to leave, but spoke of the pride they had in speaking about partner Vil, who’s transgender: “Sad not being in here anymore. Feel a bit gutted but it was a great season and it was a really really good week for everybody. Also I went out looking gorgeous and that is pretty fab.

“I think it’s so important to talk about the realism of the things [that] are happening in life as a drag persona. My drag persona is one thing, but my personal life is also so important and it connects to my drag persona.

“Having the ability to have so many people see themselves in my relationship was an absolute dream come true. It was amazing to receive the love I’ve got online from it and hearing the stories from other people just makes it all worthwhile.

“Having something I shared on national television affect so many people in a positive way was so memorable to me.”

Banksie added: “I also loved making the friendships that I made during the competition and they’ve lasted so much longer than the show. I just feel like those girls are my sisters now and they will be in my life for a long time.”

After the airing of the show Banksie took to Twitter/X with a simple message: “Just. Thank you.”

Ginger Johnson tweeted: “From the moment I skiddadled into that werkroom @whoisbanksie had my heart. A true icon and forever inspiration, who quickly became one of my favourite people in the whole stinking world.”

Fans were quick to react with one saying: “I don’t wanna talk about Banksie leaving Drag Race UK I think I’ll cry. My sadistic heart cannot take her leaving period.”

Another added: “Banksie has to be one of my favourite queens to ever appear on Drag Race UK … I love them #dragraceuk.”

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