This is SO wholesome!

In the sweetest way, possible parents of a closeted lesbian teen have shown their support by gifting her Ellen merchandise.

Sophie took to Twitter share her reaction and pictures of the thoughtful gift stating: “WHAT THE F***??? MY PARENTS GOT ME ELLEN MERCH BC IM A LESBIAN????”

“I literally cant stop thinking about this like i just had to smile and be like oh thanks

“Also I’m not out of the closet they got me this bc they know I just haven’t said anything,” she continued in a series of tweets.

The tweet has garnered over 700,000 likes and close to 36,000 retweets.

Sophie’s gift didn’t go unnoticed by Ellen.

The talk show host replied to the original tweet stating: “Merry Christmas, Sophie.”

Other Twitter users have also shared similar experiences with their own parents.

One user tweeted ” Same energy with my mom getting me RuPaul merch cause i’m gay lmaooo.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “When I came out to my parents and my dad asked me if I’m more like a Portia or an Ellen.”

A hilarious and sweet way to end the holidays.