Britpop icons Charli XCX and Sam Smith have united with their single ‘In The City’.

The track is a vibey, queer club-ready banger and we are here for it.

The single is an ode to the queer community and the relationships you form with your chosen family. Charli explained in a press release: “The song is about finding the people you truly love and connect with through wild nights out and partying in magical places.

“It’s about feeling accepted, the magnificence of being welcomed into queer spaces and those once in a lifetime people you get to meet when you’re there.”

Sam added: “Charli is a force and getting creative with her is so much fun. This track is about freedom and those unforgettable nights of abandon. I loved every minute we spent together making it.”

The single was co-produced by Charli XCX, Ilya, PC Music founder A.G. Cook, Omer Fedi and the 1975’s George Daniel.

This is the first time that the pair have collaborated and released a joint single – it’s ludicrous that we have not been fortunate enough to be gifted with this musical collaboration until now. Ludicrous!

The signs of collaboration were there though. In the video for Charli’s most recent single ‘Speed Drive’, part of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, Charli pulls up in a pink car (obviously) and is interrupted by a FaceTime from Sam.

“Have you had the chance to listen to the new mix, what do you think?” says Sam, to which Charli explains that she is filming a music video. Sam tells her that “we’ve got to submit so we can get it out”. Although the news of the single is not confirmed in the music video, Charli announces her intention to “call you back right after and we can talk”.

Just days prior to the release of the single, Charli took to TikTok to address the barrage of online hate that Sam has received.

Charli says in the video: “I’m about to release a song with Sam Smith, and the experience so far has been really interesting because never in my life have I seen somebody receive so many hateful comments online.

“It’s been really disheartening, but at the same time, I’m so proud of Sam’s ability to withstand that, because I know that I certainly couldn’t withstand it.”

She closes the video with a powerful affirmation of support and validation for her co-collaborator: “So I just want to say Sam, I love you, I love our song together and I am in awe of your strength.”

‘In The City’ is a standalone single. Remixes of the song by DJ Heartstring are expected on 28 October, according to a press release.

Listen to ‘In The City’ below.