FX has unveiled the release date, as well as the glossy artwork, for the new season of American Horror Story. 

Sub-titled Delicate, season 12 is set to premiere Wednesday 20 September.

Based on Danielle Valentine’s upcoming novel Delicate Condition, the story follows Anna Alcott, an actress who longs for a family. After deciding to go through the IVF process to get pregnant, strange and unusual things begin to occur that threaten her dreams of becoming a mother. 

“Crucial medicines are lost. Appointments get swapped without her knowledge,” according to the book’s synopsis. 

“Cryptic warnings have her jumping at shadows. And despite everything she’s gone through to make this pregnancy a reality, not even her husband is willing to believe that someone is playing twisted games with her.

“Then her doctor tells her she’s had a miscarriage―except Anna’s convinced she’s still pregnant despite everything the grave-faced men around her claim… Vague warnings become direct threats as someone stalks her through the bleak ghost town of the snowy Hamptons.

“As her symptoms and sense of danger grow ever more horrifying, Anna can’t help but wonder what exactly she’s carrying inside of her… and why no one will listen when she says something is horribly, painfully wrong.” 

Delicate will star Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Zachary Quinto, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Matt Czuchry, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Odessa A’zion, Debra Monk and Julie Monk.

According to the trio of glossy posters, which features Roberts, Delevingne and Kardashian, as well as frightening spider imagery, the season will be split into multiple parts.

Delicate marks the first season of American Horror Story to be based on source material and be showrun/written by a single person, Halley Feiffer.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporterseries creator Ryan Murphy said Feiffer has written an “ambitious” season “unlike anything we have ever done”.

Check out the artwork below.