Allie X and Troye Sivan’s new single Love Me Wrong is here.

The heartbreaking ballad was written by Allie and Troye alongside longtime collaborators Leland and Bram Inscore, and sees the two artists tell a loved one, “I’ll never be how you remember me, so I’d rather be in your memory”.

“It is a song about being misunderstood by your family or loved ones. You know that they love you, but not for the full person you are,” Allie said.

“The relationship between a parent and child is so intense and layered, that it was liberating to put it into the simple phrase ‘you love me wrong’ and repeat it over and over in the chorus of this song.”

It’s the latest track to be taken from Allie’s upcoming album Cape God, following singles Fresh Laundry, Rings A Bell and Regulars.

Listen to Love Me Wrong here or below.