The trailer for 15 years has been released.

After touring film festivals around the world through 2019 and receiving critical acclaim, Israeli queer drama 15 Years is set for an international release on streaming services later this year.

The film follows Yoav, a successful architect who seemingly has everything he’s ever wanted; his young lawyer boyfriend of 15 years, Dan, and his best friend Alma, a successful artist who’s like a mother and sister to him.

Things begin to fall apart, though, when Alma announces she’s pregnant and Dan realises he wants to be a father too.

Yoav doesn’t feel the same, and the parental desires of his partner and best friend bring up long buried demons and ignite self-destructive behaviour that threaten to end both of his close relationships.

Directed and written by Yuval Hadadi, the film “offers a telling portrait of emotional darkness lurking beneath the deceptively placid surface”.

Watch the trailer for 15 years here or below.