Gus Kenworthy has joined the cast of American Horror Story season nine

Taylor Miller for Gay Times

And he’s playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend…

Gus Kenworthy is set to make his acting debut in the ninth season of American Horror Story.

Ryan Murphy, series creator, announced his casting – which came as a surprise to, well, pretty much everyone – with a photo on Instagram.

“That special moment when you realize you have an Olympic medal AND will be playing Emma Roberts’ boyfriend on “American Horror Story” Season 9,” he wrote.

Gus responded: “I guess the cat’s out of the bag… I’m so fucking shook. ILYSM @mrrpmurphy.”

Emma and Gus are the first two cast members confirmed for the highly-anticipated follow-up to the show’s eighth season, Apocalypse, which received acclaim from fans and critics.

It is presumed to air in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Last year, Murphy revealed some details about the upcoming season to Entertainment Tonight. “The witches will be back,” he said. “Not next season. But we have something really fun planned.”

When asked about the ninth season, he admitted: “I can’t say what it is! I’m going to this luncheon, and many of the Horror Story actors are there, and I’m gonna tell them for the first time. So I have to tell them first.”

We also rounded up eight potential storylines for American Horror Story’s next season.

Check them out here, and let us know if you approve, disapprove (whatever) with some our choices.

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