Dua Lipa fans forcibly removed from her gig by venue security in Shanghai for waving Pride flags


There were shocking scenes during one of Dua Lipa’s first ever headline shows in China last night when fans were forcibly removed from the venue just for standing and waving Pride flags.

A number of young female fans were dragged from their seats during the British star’s concert by the venue’s security team.

Videos shared across social media see a handful of grown men grab fans and carry or drag them out of the venue, after standing up during the show to dance along.

People at the concert claimed that some fans were waving Pride flags, which were also quickly taken off them.

Dua Lipa spotted the commotion from the stage during her performance and was visibly upset about what she saw happening.

“I just want us to all sing and have a really really good time,” she said to the crowd, holding back tears.

“We’re not here for much longer. We only have a few more songs, and I would love for these last few songs for us to really really really enjoy ourselves.”

Fans rallied around to show their support for Dua Lipa, reassuring her that her Chinese fans are still there for her.

“I’m so sorry for what happened tonight in Shanghai,” one tweeted. “It’s not ur fault. Hope you get well soon. Chinese fans will always love u!”

Another added: “More than 10 fans in the Shanghai show have been knocked out violently and beaten, just because they’re not allowed to stand up. This is such a horrible mistake.

“I know it’s not your fault, but please try to do something to make the Chinese performance agent company to apologise.”

Fans claimed that during Dua’s show in Guangzhou the previous night they were allowed to be on their feet, so it’s unknown why the rules were intensely more strict in Shanghai.

Dua Lipa responded to the incident on Twitter with a message to her Chinese fans, thanking them for their bravery to show their pride and reassure them that she’d be back when the time is right.

“I was horrified by what happened and I send love to all my fans involved,” she said.



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