New York City Pride announces its theme for 2020

New York City Pride has revealed its official theme for 2020.

This year, the annual LGBTQ celebrations will take on the theme and visual identity “The Future Is…” to represent the diversity of the LGBTQ community while also honouring each person’s individuality and unique outlook for the future.

NYC Pride say the theme is inclusive of identity, ethnicity, age, body types, language and religious beliefs, while connecting stories from the past, present and future.

David A. Correa, Interim Executive Director at NYC Pride, said: “This year’s theme is reflective of the resilient nature of historic LGBTQIA+ activists who fought for our collective freedoms and the promising future of the new generation skilled to lead the charge for equality.”

The new campaign features over 15 unique voices from the LGBTQ community, including Latinx body positive model Ady Del Valle, trans activist Ceyenne Doroshow, gender nonconforming designer Stephon Mendoza, drag queen Dylan Thomas and more.

“The success of last year’s campaign was monumental. This year’s visual identity builds off of that success by continuing to lift and elevate voices and images from the LGBTQIA+ community by the community,” said Eboni Munn, who leads the campaign.

“The campaign should always be reflective of our community and the team that leads the campaign should also be reflective of LGBTQIA+ voices.”

Throughout the year, NYC Pride will release videos of personal stories of the influencers selected to lead 2020’s campaign.

NYC Pride will take place from 14 – 28 June in New York City.



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