Josh Owens is the first gay man to run to be the Governor of Indiana

Gay man and brother attacked in a “bloodthirsty” homophobic attack in Australia

Indonesian president postpones votes on bill that would ban sex outside of marriage

Council of Europe to tackle Chechnya over gay ‘purge’ reports

Jonathan Van Ness reveals he is a “member of the beautiful HIV-positive community”

New report finds that a quarter of LGBTQ people are bullied at work

Cake shop in Scotland ran by gay bakers was sent a vile homophobic note

Homophobe films himself spitting on a Pride flag outside gay bar

Remembering the 19 trans individuals who have been killed in the US in 2019

Photographer rescues gay man from crowd of violent homophobes in horrifying video

Pulse survivor recalls harrowing details of massacre in gun reform speech

Church under investigation for assaulting gay man to try and pray away sexuality

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