Report finds that Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law is harming children

Around 40 same-sex couples have married in a mass ceremony in Brazil in fears of equal marriage rollback

Australian pro-equal marriage group wins Australia’s human rights award

Only two same-sex couples in Northern Ireland have successfully adopted a child since 2013

A suspect has been arrested in New York City after assaulting a lesbian and leaving her with a fractured spine

German Parliament adds a third gender option to birth certificates

LGBTQ communities are under attack across the globe, and they need our support

This survey takes a comprehensive look at faith and sexuality in the UK

Half of British men genuinely believe people with HIV are ‘out to infect others’

Billy Eichner shares his thoughts on comedians using the term ‘faggot’

South Africa’s National Assembly votes to ban officials from refusing marriage certificates to same-sex couples

A school in Indiana banned a Gay-Straight Alliance club from using the words “gay” and “LGBT+”

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