Russian authorities told England fan to take down rainbow flag during World Cup match

New Republican backed bill in Ohio is set to make things a lot harder for the state’s transgender youth

South African court sentences pastor who spread anti-LGBTQ hatred

Czech Republic government back a draft bill which would see same-sex marriage legalised

Early gay rights activist Dick Leitsch has died at the age of 83

Man sentenced to death by ‘homophobic’ jurors loses appeal in Supreme Court

Conservative MP Damian Collins is planning to make homophobic chanting illegal at football matches

Tunisia is considering decriminalising homosexuality following committee recommendation

Mexico fined by FIFA after fans chant homophobic slur at World Cup game

A third of LGBTQ people still feel the need to hide their sexual identity in work

Three LGBTQ activists found murdered by Mexico highway

Irish government apologises for historical persecution of gay men

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