Victory House Leicester Square

Looking to live that Central London life but without the noise or hefty price tag?

We’ve totally you covered thanks to Victory House Leicester Square, a new hotel that mixes the wonders of the capital with the luxury and ease you need when you decide it’s time to start counting those sheep.

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It’s situated on the corner of the world-famous Leicester Square, right beside local tourism acts, shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and well… just about everything. With room rates starting from £158 per night, there’s plenty to celebrate here – including the cost. Sure, it’s not entry level, but neither is the hotel. It’s fresh, modern and rather individuals. And if you’re going to live your best London fantasy, it can be cheap, darling. What would Mariah Carey say?!

Victory House Leicester Square

The hotel exudes chicness, both inside and out, and houses 86 bedrooms. Designed with a nod to the area’s cinematic glamour, you’d be fooled into thinking you’re almost in a movie of your own. The digital projections that lead up to your room look like they’ve come direct from a movie, and the plush bedding, large showers and spacious rooms will live up to even the highest of Hollywood expectations.

There’s even a room called ‘executive queen’ which we’re petitioning to be renamed ‘executive kween’. Well, it seems fitting!

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Also, if you’re looking to escape the never-ending bustle of London, each room features a 40” flat-screen TV with satellite channels so distractions – in either digital or food variety – are all within your grasp for when less is totally more. Speaking of food, Petit Bistro – the hotel’s bar and restaurant – takes a step into the world of Paris glamour that’ll have you perfecting that Instagram snap within seconds.

Victory House Leicester Square is a perfect Central London hideout for the square that never sleeps!

More information can be found here.

Words Tom Smith