‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Mrs. Kasha Davis said her feelings were “hurt” by the critiques on her ‘All Stars 8’ elimination episode.

The season seven contestant was sent home by Jessica Wild after ‘The Supermarket Ball’ challenge, which saw each queen present three looks to the judges.

During the episode’s critiques, guest judge Ts Madison expressed her “hate” for the look Kasha made and compared it to “a bag of broken rubbers”.

Despite appearing to take the criticism well on stage, Kasha has since admitted that the words “hurt” her.

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“I mean, it hurt my feelings — like it’s supposed to,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “To spew such hate for something that was created out of excitement and passion and trying my best is no reflection on Ts Madison. I love her, and I love everything she does, and I’m a huge fan and follower.

“I’ve learned in the theater world and the house I grew up in, I always take more out of the criticisms from people and the suggestions than I do from the compliments. I appreciate the compliments and I learn to say, ‘Thank you’ when someone says something looks great or that I’ve done a great job, but I really love to hear what I can improve upon and how it maybe even fell short or suggestions somebody might have to make it better.

“It’s tough standing there. My skirt was falling off because it was just so heavy, the tie was undoing. At that point, maybe I should’ve just let it fall to the floor, like, ‘There you have it! Is it better now?’”

Kasha also addressed saying that she could “accept” being sent home during the episode, something which some have perceived as her giving up.

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“I don’t want anybody to think I was throwing my hands up,” she said. “If it was a matter of me going home, it’s not going to end my world, it’s not going to ruin me. I’m sober now, going on eight years. I have a stronger sense of who I am, and that didn’t and will not ruin me. As a matter of fact, I’ll build from it…. I thought too much that the gals had my back instead of really fighting for myself…. certainly, looking back, I wish those were the words that came out versus, ‘I will be okay,’ because of course I’ll be okay. I have a strong family unit and home life, and I’ve been working on myself. Looking back, it would’ve been nice for me to really fight.”

‘All Stars 8’ premiered on 12 May on Paramount Plus in the US and on WOW Presents Plus in the UK, with the season seeing the return of former finalists, lip-sync assassins and Miss Congenialities.

The fierce line-up is as follows: Alexis Michelle, Darienne Lake, Heidi N Closet, Jaymes Mansfield, Jessica Wild, Jimbo, Kahanna Montrese, Kandy Muse, LaLa Ri, Monica Beverly Hillz, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Naysha Lopez.

Unlike past iterations of ‘All Stars’, the season doesn’t feature many two-time queens bar Jimbo, who competed three times on the first seasons of ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ and ‘UK vs the World’.

She is now the first queen to compete on ‘Drag Race’ in three different countries, as well as the first ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ contestant to compete on the US version of the show.