Keep those eyes peeled Fellow Travelers fans! Jonathan Bailey and Noah J. Ricketts have shared a sneak peek behind-the-scenes photos from the LGBTQIA+ series.

At the beginning of the month, SAG-AFTRA reached a deal with the AMPTP after the longest recorded actor’s strike in Hollywood history. The actor’s union posted on X / Twitter: “After 118 days on strike, we are set to change the future of our industry with a transformative contract that includes gains for every category of SAG-AFTRA member who works this contract.

“This revolutionary agreement achieves major breakthroughs in addressing compensation via residuals and protections from generative artificial intelligence technology while reaffirming the role human performers play in the production of film, television and streaming entertainment.”

Upon the announcement, a flurry of actors have taken the opportunity to take to social to share and promote film and telly releases that occurred during the strike – including the stars from Red, White & Royal Blue. Now, Jonathan Bailey and his Fellow Travelers co-stars are letting us in behind-the-scenes.

The actor and new patron to LGBTQIA+ plus young people’s charity Just Like Us posted on Instagram: “BTS pt.1 #fellowtravelers.” The carousel of images starts with Bailey standing behind a director’s chair with the name of his character Tim Laughlin. He continues with a BTS with one of the executive producers Daniel Minahan and midway through presents a selection of flaccid and erect prosthetic penises. What more could you want?


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Noah J. Ricketts, who plays Frankie Hines, continued the content drop with a tantalising glimpse of episode four, just before the release, with the caption: “Christmas came early this year!” The actor looked ravishing and appropriately festi-fied in black lingerie set, coupled with red and white long gloves and a sprig of holly in his hair.

The final image in the carousel gave us a Victoria Beckham moment where Ricketts can be seen draped on the back of a booth, serenading fellow actor Jelani Alladin who plays Marcus Gaines.


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Fellow Travelers has started airing on Paramount Plus in the UK. It is based on Thomas Mallon’s novel of the aforementioned name.

It follows the toxic and tumultuous relationship of Tim Laughlin and Hawkins Fuller (Matt Bomer) in the shadows of the McCarthy-era Washington.

The plotline, created by Oscar nominee Ron Nyswaner, follows the romance across four decades across the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s, the disco-hazed hedonism of the 1970s and the tragedy of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

Bailey covers the latest issue of GAY TIMES, where he revealed Fellow Travelers “came at the right time. Someone asked me after Bridgerton, ‘What do you want to do next?’ and that is an amazing position to be in, having worked for so long to suddenly have real choice in what you do,” the openly gay talent explained.

“I knew that I wanted to do a sweeping gay love story because I hadn’t seen it, especially one that’s detailed over eight hours.”

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