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It hasn’t even been a year since Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar-Perez’s “insane” chemistry in Red, White & Royal Blue caused heart palpitations in millions of queers, yet the power-duo have already been hailed as two of the most iconic LGBTQIA+ characters in history. Based on Casey McQuiston’s beloved novel of the same name, the Prime Video rom-com follows the blossoming romance between a British prince (Galitzine) and the son (Zakhar-Perez) of America’s first-ever female president (Kill Bill icon Uma Thurman).

For its faithfulness to the source material and the aforementioned chemistry between the two leads, Red, White & Royal Blue received universal praise from longtime fans and newcomers. As is the case with any successful film, fans have been clamouring for a sequel – but how likely is it that we’ll see Galitzine and Zakhar-Perez return as our new favourite queer couple? Read ahead for everything we know (so far) about Red, White & Royal Blue 2. 

Has it been confirmed?

No! Not at all. This is a click-bait article (a click-bait article we hope will light a fire under Prime Video’s asses to finally announce the sequel). But, there have been murmurs of a follow-up – and by ‘murmurs’ we mean fans (and me) demanding a continuation of Alex and Henry’s story.

There is hope, however, as director Matthew Lopez told GAY TIMES ahead of the film’s release that he’s open to returning for a sequel “if it’s successful and people want more”.

At the 2024 SAG Awards, Zakhar Perez said he hasn’t been contacted by Prime Video to reprise his role. “It’s funny. People have been reaching out about it, and I have no idea. [They’re] like ‘We’ve heard this, this and this’ and I’m like ‘That’s news to me,’” he shared. “It just makes me laugh because, I mean, give me a call, you know, give me a call and let’s talk about it.”

People do want more, so we can add a check mark next to that. And Red, White & Royal Blue has been an enormous success for Prime, becoming the streamer’s number-one film upon release and its third most successful rom-com of all time. So, we can add another check mark next to the ‘success’ part of his statement. Where is the official announcement? We! Are! Waiting!

What will it be about?

In the bonus chapter of Red, White & Royal Blue’s collector’s edition, it is revealed that Alex and Henry are thriving (woo!) and planning a private wedding. Alex is also pursuing a law degree and Henry is continuing to slay his philanthropic endeavours, while preemptively abdicating his place in the British line of succession. (Lots of plot points here!)

A sequel based on a sequel to the novel isn’t too inconceivable, either. Following the release of the book in 2019, McQuiston told Hello that they have “plenty of stories” set in the same world, and “would love a chance to explore one of them one day,” adding: “I would be surprised if you’ve seen the last of Alex and Henry.”

When we spoke to Lopez, he said “everyone in the hair and makeup department” for the film pitched their ideas for a follow-up, from “Red, White & Royal Wedding” to “Red, White & Royal Baby”: “I was like, ‘Can we just get through today first, please?’”

Lopez additionally told Teen Vogue that he would do a sequel “if we have the right story”. “There has to be a better reason than simply the desire to make one, there has to be a compelling story reason,” he explained. “I don’t think a sequel is a bad idea, but I don’t think a sequel for the sake of doing a sequel is necessarily sufficient.”

In a further conversation with Hello, he revealed that the film could be made, even without a sequel to the original book. “Even if Casey never wrote a book, I would if there was demand for it,” he said. “And if Casey and Taylor and Nick wanna work on it, then who am I to say no?”

Although Zakhar Perez hasn’t been contacted by Prime, he shared his ideas for the story with Entertainment Weekly: “I think we ended the film on pretty good terms with everything. So maybe them living in Brooklyn? You know it’s closer, New York to London  Maybe Alex is starting his own campaigning? I don’t know; I mean, I can only dream.”


It’s not just Lopez’s comments that elicited a huge (and hopeful) response from fans, post-film release. McQuiston sent fans into a bit of a frenzy when they revealed unknown details about the novel in a Thread post, hinting at some kind of future on-screen storyline in the process. It originated from the fan question: “Do you think Henry proposed or Alex?”

“Cannot answer this one just in case it ends up being a spoiler one day,” responded McQuiston, indicating that they’re not yet finished telling their story and that details of their wedding will soon be told, whether it’s on-screen or on the page.

McQuiston additionally revealed that Freddie Mercury is Alex’s favourite “bicon’, Speak Now is his favourite Taylor Swift album and he’s a “lifelong fan” of The Killers because of his “formative crush” on lead singer Brandon Flowers.

For Henry, the author shared that his “gay awakening” was British actor Colin Firth, “but” Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in the 1995 television adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. Another fun fact: Alex and Henry would appear as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race “in a second if asked” and their favourite winners are Bob the Drag Queen and Sasha Velour, respectively.

With all this in mind, the sequel would need to show Alex singing ‘Enchanted’ to Henry and both characters critiquing queens on the Drag Race panel. These are not hopes and wishes, these are demands, and our demands must be met.

Will Taylor Zakhar-Perez and Nicholas Galitzine return?

Again, nothing has been confirmed, but if they don’t return then expect outrage. The success of Red, White & Royal Blue has been attributed to the success of Zakhar-Perez and Galitzine’s electric chemistry (their GQ interview is everything), so a sequel without them would be absolutely pointless.

This article will be updated over time. 

Red, White & Royal Blue is now streaming worldwide on Prime Video.