Join us at GAG! A Queer Comedy Night, an exciting new series from GAY TIMES that will celebrate LGBTQ+ comedians and cabaret performers.

The ultimate destination for fans of comedy that is fresh, funny and fabulous, GAG! will spotlight diverse performers who push boundaries and challenge conventions.

From laugh-out-loud comedy to fierce drag performers and outrageous musical numbers, GAG! has it all.

Ahead of Pride in London, join us at Soho Theatre to celebrate the creativity, humour and unapologetic queerness of some of the most talented performers in a showcase event that will celebrate eight new queer comics.

The talent is as follows: Jodie Mitchell, Daniel Foxx, Dan Wye / Seayoncé, Leila Navabi, Su Mi, Victoria Olsina, Dom McGovern and Kemah Breon!

Navabi told GAY TIMES that she identifies “largely as an imp” and prioritises “mischief” into her comedy “because it makes me feel both alive and seductive”.

“I think with time, ‘cheeky’ as a vibe has gone out of fashion along with adult-consumption of cheese strings and radical social acceptance,” said Navabi, “and I intend to revive all of these things through the medium of song and foolery, much like a Shakespearean sprite.”

Describing their style of comedy as “engaging and exciting” or “loud and annoying”, McGovern’s inspirations include Victoria Wood, Gina Yashere, French and Saunders and Shaparak Khorsandi. 

They explained: “Also I spent a lot of time on my own as a kid watching sitcoms that I was a bit too young to fully understand the jokes in but was transfixed by anyway, The Thick of It, 30 Rock, etc.” 

Mitchell, a “politically surreal” comic, likes to use their platform to discuss how the “world is imploding”: “Comedy is what people listen to. Also, it gives my life a purpose while everything around us combusts.

“One day when we all live in underground bunkers and suckle nutrient-filled hamster feeders to survive, I plan to restart democracy through feminist comedy.” 

GAG! A Queer Comedy Night takes place from 9.15pm to 11pm on 30 June. 

Tickets for the event can be purchased here, priced at £18 each. Proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to Amplifund, GAY TIMES’ philanthropic initiative.

Amplifund aims to empower organisations, activist groups and platforms that work to support LGBTQ+ citizens worldwide who face discrimination from government, mainstream media and society.