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There’s a palpable sense of excitement at Wembley Stadium as the crowd – adorned in pink cowboy hats, glittery boots and multi-coloured feather boas – wait for Harry Styles to take the stage. Tonight is the pop superstar’s final show of a four-night residency for the last leg of his spectacular Love On Tour dates. 

Brassy opener Daydreaming kicks off the night with Styles – high energy as ever – running laps across the stage, flaunting his black-and-red embellished ensemble to the adoring crowd. The former One Direction star breezes through the openers which include the shimmering Golden, with the crowd chanting back every word of its catchy chorus, into the groovy Adore You and mellow Keep Driving, closing out with the rockier tones of She.

Fans are also treated to bouncy love-song Daylight, followed by a throwback to the One Direction days with Stockholm Syndrome – its brash guitar riffs pierce through the crowds’ extra-loud reception to it. For the more intimate part of the show, Styles moves forward to the extended stage – waving to fans, giving them thumbs-ups and blowing kisses throughout as a show of gratitude, something which is mentioned earnestly throughout the evening. 

Truly the biggest surprise of the night comes with a performance of Sweet Creature – a delicate, moving track from his debut record. Twinkling acoustic guitars accompany Styles’ heartwarming lyrics about finding comfort in a person, a sentiment that is undoubtedly shared by many in the crowd. Styles makes a point to start his shows by encouraging people to “please feel free to be who you’ve always wanted to be”, setting a precedent that, for at least the two hours you’re in his house, you’re welcome to be you – whatever form that might take.

Tender renditions of Matilda and Love of My Life further ease the pace before launching into the ‘disco section’ of the night with funky, drum-laden single Satellite, jazzy Late Night Talking and Cinema, into the grand brass-heavy Music For A Sushi Restaurant. There’s barely any time to recover before fans are boot-scooting their way into the feel-good anthem Treat People With Kindness. As Styles begins the joyous performance waving a Pride flag across the stage, many more pop up across the arena shedding light on this beautiful safe space that they’ve managed to carve together. 

Treat People With Kindness is mixed in flawlessly with the mega-hit What Makes You Beautiful, and although hard to verify, it feels as if every single person in the crowd is singing along (if they weren’t already!). Grapejuice provides a well-earned breather as Styles flawlessly croons through the jazzy track; leading into a mesmerising performance of Fine Line where he provides his strongest vocal performance yet, holding high notes as great big horns crash into a crescendo. 

Our encore begins with Sign of The Times, Styles’ epic debut single performed here with fireworks and a crowd that has not relented its energy. Fan-favourite Medicine carries this on but it’s As It Was, the synth-heavy lead single from Harry’s House, that takes the evening to dizzying new heights.

In an adorable closeout moment, the song begins with young fan Sandler providing the iconic “C’mon Harry, we wanna say goodnight you” intro, making way for a euphoric performance that brings Harry Styles’ triumphant run of shows to a close. During his final night at Wembley, Styles proves that no matter who you are, there’s always space for you at Harry’s House. 

GAY TIMES rating: ★★★★★