Courtesy of Aidan Cullen

“The inclusion of ‘they’ in addition to ‘she’ feels most authentic to me.”

Halsey has opened up about changing their pronouns to she/they in a heartfelt post.

Taking to their Instagram stories, the Graveyard singer revealed the reasoning behind adding their pronouns to their bio, stating: “For those asking RE:my updated IG bio, I am happy with either pronouns.”

They continued: “The inclusion of ‘they’ in addition to ‘she’ feels most authentic to me. If you know me at all you know what it means to me to express this outwardly. Thanks for being the best.”

Earlier this month, fans noticed that the singer-songwriter quietly added their pronouns – she/they – in their bio on Instagram.

After receiving love from their LGBTQ+ fans, Halsey posted a sweet message to Instagram and thanked them for the contestant support.

 Over the years, Halsey, who identifies as bisexual, has proudly shared their LGBTQ+ journey with fans.

While accepting the Outstanding Music Artist award in 2018, they said: “I’m a young, bisexual woman, and I’ve spent a large part of my life trying to validate myself to my friends, to my family, to myself – trying to prove that who I love and how I feel is not a phase.”

The Bad At Love star also delivered statistics on homelessness within the LGBTQ+ community in their speech.

“It’s estimated that up to 40 per cent of homeless youth are minors who are part of the LGBT community. Many of them have been ostracised by their families and from their communities because people don’t agree with their ‘lifestyle’.”

They added: “I beg you to go home and to check out your local homeless youth services and see if they offer anything targeted towards the LGBT youth. See how you can get involved.”

Halsey is having an exceptional 2021 so far. Back in January, the 26-year-old artist revealed they were pregnant in a photoshoot taken by photographer Sam Dameshek.

The Instagram post was captioned “surprise!” and featured emojis of a babies bottle, a rainbow, and a baby angel.

We love you, Halsey.