Cher has opened up about her highly anticipated Christmas album in a new interview. 

On 6 October, the ‘Believe’ singer announced the full tracklist and release date for her first-ever holiday record, aptly titled Christmas.

Unlike other Christmas-themed projects that feature covers of ‘Let It Snow’ or ‘Silent Night,’ the new record is set to feature original songs brimming with festive spirit.

The project also includes appearances from music legend Stevie Wonder, jazz crooner Michael Bublé, rapper Tyga and pop icon Cyndi Lauper. 

With Christmas scheduled to be released on 20 October, Cher sat down with Billboard to spill all the tea on the upcoming project.

“I had no intention of doing a Christmas album. But [Warner Records] said, ‘Why don’t you do a Christmas album, Cher?’ and I said if I can do my version, I’ll do it, and they were very pleasant,” she revealed. 

The Mermaids actor went on to say that she wanted the album to steer clear of classic Christmas songs due to them being redone countless times.

“I just said to them, ‘There will be Christmas songs, and they’ll be appropriate, but I want to do what I feel,'” she said.

“They’re not ‘Christmas Christmas’ songs. They’re just great songs. And I never say that because I almost never like what I do. But I mean, people love it and I’m happy.


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“I’m so particular, but I love the songs, and everyone who hears them loves them.” 

Cher isn’t the only one to rave about the highly anticipated album. 

In a statement to the aforementioned publication, Warner Records co-chairman Tom Corson described the record as “incredible”.

“She’s made not just a Christmas album, but an incredible Christmas album that will rival and sit alongside the great Christmas albums of all time… it’s quality from top to bottom,” he exclaimed.

Singer and longtime friend Darlene Love – who’s featured on Cher’s rendition of ‘Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)’ – echoed similar sentiments before praising the Oscar winner’s vocal talents. 

“There are parts in the song when we sing together, and I’m hitting high notes, and she goes right there with me. Che’s voice has not changed in the smallest bit, it is still so powerful,” she explained.  

“I think everybody is going to be shocked and surprised because it really came out fantastic.” 

Fortunately, Cher has given fans a taste of her Christmas album by releasing its lead single ‘DJ Play a Christmas Song.’ 

For more information about the album’s track list, click here.