Tinder has announced that users will soon have the option to display up to four pronouns on their profile as part of an inclusive new update.

They will be able to select which ones to display from a list of 15+ options, in addition to their sexual orientation and gender.

There will also be the option for people to indicate what type of relationship they are interested in having on their profile, including monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, open relationship, polyamory and open to exploring.

“The term ‘commitment’ is not one-size-fits-all for this new generation,” said Kyle Miller, VP of Product at Tinder.

“They’re exploring a range of possibilities — from monogamy to situationships to friendship – and it’s really important for them to be open and transparent about what they’re looking for.

“We’re making it easy for them to do this with features like Relationship Types and Relationship Goals.

“In the past three months, the majority of Tinder members have added Relationship Goals to their profile, becoming the most popular type of profile info based on adoption.”

The aforementioned Relationship Goals feature allows users to explicitly share what they are using the app for on their profile, be it a long-term relationship, long-term open to short, short term, new friends or just figuring it out.

The updates come as a recent survey of young daters aged 18-25 found that 33 per cent view their sexuality as fluid, with 29 per cent stating their gender identity has become more fluid in the last three years.

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Tinder also found that 73 per cent of young singles across all genders are looking for someone who is clear about what they want.

The option to add what type of relationship users are interested in was rolled out on 16 March, with the pronouns feature due to arrive in the UK later this year.