The verdict is in! Grindr has revealed people’s habits for 2023 – including where there are the most top, bottom and versatile users.

Grindr’s annual Unwrapped report, released on 19 December, has once again delved deep into anonymised aggregated data from its global user base.

The data, compiled alongside its community survey results, have divulged international trends from the dating app and top pop culture moments of 2023.

Trinidad & Tobago had the highest percentage of tops this year registered in the app, followed by Kenya, China, Myanmar and Greece, respectively.

On the other end of the spectrum, South Korea had the highest percentage of bottoms, followed by Japan, Denmark, Vietnam and Finland.

Finland had the highest percentage of vers users, followed by Austria, Germany, Australia and Hungary.

2023 should really be renamed the ‘year of the twink’ as Pornhub recently revealed that ‘twink’ was the most searched term on the platform in 2023 by users who watched gay porn.

According to Grindr, the highest percentage of twinks could be found in the Netherlands, followed by Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland and the UK.

Troye Sivan getting into drag in his ‘One of Your Girls’ music video has been declared the ‘Best Drag Moment’ of the year followed by a user vote on the app.

The Aussie pop star served charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, whilst he seduced special guest star Ross Lynch in high drag wearing a variety of fierce fits delivering main pop girl-energy with choreo and props.

Fetishes were covered in the findings, too.

Leather lovers were found to be in their highest numbers in the Netherlands, then Belgium, Panama, Switzerland and the UK, respectively.

Italy took the top spot with the highest percentage of foot lovers, with Germany, France, the UK and the US also making up the top five.

The full Grindr Unwrapped report can be found by clicking here.