This isn’t the Pride season any of us were expecting this year.

While our parades have been cancelled and we won’t be able to celebrate with our queer loved ones in physical spaces like we have done in the past, that doesn’t mean the spirit of unity and togetherness has been cancelled with it.

GAY TIMES has teamed up with Skittles® and Switchboard for a Pride campaign that will bring us all closer together – the good old fashioned way…

To overcome this period of self isolation and social distancing, Skittles® and GAY TIMES are enabling people to send Letters Filled with Pride to family and friends all over the United Kingdom.

You can tell your queer siblings, chosen family or dearest allies that you are thinking of them during these unprecedented times, sending them a personalised note in the post, free of charge.

All you have to do is head to to send your own Letter Filled with Pride.

“The cancellation of in-person Pride events around the world is a devastating blow for the community, especially given the loneliness that many are experiencing in isolation,” said Josh Fletcher, Executive Creative Director at GAY TIMES.

“Through our work with Skittles® and Switchboard, GAY TIMES are trying to ensure that no-one need feel alone this Pride season, even if we aren’t physically together.”

It marks the fifth year that Skittles® have given up their rainbow during Pride season, acknowledging that the it is the only rainbow that matters during the LGBTQ+ celebrations.

“We believe that giving up our rainbow means so much more than just removing the colours from our Skittles® packs, which is why we have supported Switchboard for the last three years and this year have worked closely with the Switchboard volunteers and GAY TIMES to develop a campaign aiming to keep people connected even while we’re apart,” said Victoria Gell, Skittles Director, Mars Wrigley.

As part of this Pride campaign, Skittles® – alongside GAY TIMES – will continue to empower Switchboard, the LGBTQ+ helpline that provides invaluable support to those most vulnerable in our community.

“The generous donation from Skittles® makes such a difference at Switchboard and this year the social campaign, highlighting our helpline details and the work of our volunteers, is invaluable,” said Natasha Walker, Switchboard Co-Chair​.

“It has enabled us to raise even more awareness of our helpline services so that those most in need know they have someone to turn to.”

The Letters Filled with Pride campaign is now live, so get sending to your nearest and dearest immediately! Our letter campaign is only open to readers in the UK.

Visit to send a letter to someone you care about this Pride.