Wanderlust is taking hold and SkyScanner is looking more and more tempting on our lunch breaks. What’s more, every time we log into Facebook or scroll through our Instagram feed, we spot a new piece of clothing that we love.

We are here to help you cut through the noise – and possibly push you over the edge and make you book that city break. Here’s everything you need from travel luggage right down to the right bracelet to set off that Spring look with some pep in your step.


To the airport!:

We all want to pull a Kim K and look super glam when stepping onto the plane but let’s be real, it’s not a private jet and we don’t go through a separate customs or security queue when doing it.

Go for a simple look with these Remus Uomo jeans, £65; American Apparel t-shirt, £16; shoes from Sebago, £109.99; and Simon Carter Scarf, £75.

Travel luggage is also very important so make sure your luggage is recognisable (obviously), sturdy and lightweight because we know you’re going to be bitten by that consumerism bug as soon as you’re on foreign soil. The latest release by Antler has all of that and more. Look to the Juno II for your next travel purchase, £160.

Last but not least, keep your pockets clean. No coins, no boarding passes and certainly no passports. Keep all your travel essentials together (and with a pop of colour) with this side bag from Fiorelli, £59.


Business – but make it (holiday) fashion:

It can be hard to escape having to do work when you’re on holiday. Before you know it, a client has mentioned that they’re in the same city and whilst they’ve asked for a casual drink, you know it’s going to end up in you attempting to close a deal for the next quarter.

Sorry, was that too business-like? Let’s give another scenario. You could very easily end up meeting the designer with whom you’ve been speaking with about creating digital assets for and lord knows you don’t want to show up in flip-flops. Try this lovely little number on for size. Jacket, £99.95 and trousers, £75 by Remus Uomo, shirt by Simon Carter, £115; shoes by SeaVees, £70 and bag by Gladstone, £895.


Strolling down the pier:

Okay so the business is out of the way. Let’s get back to pulling looks and getting to know the city. Yes, it’s Spring but it can quite easily go from super warm to crisp and chilly – no matter where you are. The best way to take care of this is to layer up and layer smart.

Cotton shirts are breathable and will keep you cool when the sun’s at full glare, however with a slightly thicker layer on top, can work well to keep that body warm.

Being free is the whole reason you decided to take this break anyway, so make sure your bag allows you to do just that. This bumbag from Eastpak allows you to do just that.

Shirt by Simon Carte, £115;  blazer, £58 and chinos, £45 by Farnol; boots by R.M. Williams, £350 and bumbag by Eastpak, £22.


You know you gotta work it out!:

Whether it’s hitting the tennis courts, the hotel gym, or simply wanting to look like you’re coming back from a workout as you stroll to the bar for your first cosmo of the day, it’s always good to have a casual, lounge-y outfit. Don’t get, ready, honey – stay ready!

Cashmere sweater, £98, shorts, £28 and polo shirt, £25 by Farnol; bag by Fiorelli, £99; sneakers by SeaVees, £60; ruby 7mm silver cuff by Alex Orso, £360.


Cocktails, anyone?:

We know we said cocktails but what we really meant was – “let’s get a gorgeous picture at the bar with the sunset in the background and make sure those engagement rates go up!” Have some fun with your wardrobe, you are on holiday after all. Colour and pattern is always welcome. Just be sure that you have something tying the look together.

Here we went for a few earthy accents by way of the bag, glasses, blazer and shoes to make the look cohesive and easy on the eye. Notice we got that smart layering in there too?

Sunglasses by Kraft Eyewear, £110; shirt, £130 and trousers, £110 by Simon Carter; blazer by Farnol, £58; bag by S.T. Dupont, £635 ; sneakers by SeaVees, £55.