As the nights get darker, your skin gets dryer.

Our skin just doesn’t like winter. As your heating switches on and you go from freezing cold outdoors to a scalding hot shower your skin becomes dryer, tighter and harder to nourish.

We’ve listed a few things to make you look healthier (and prettier) this autumn/winter. Here are five perfect products that will love you back.

Don’t forget your SPF

As UVB levels do decrease in the winter, there is still plenty of UVA around that can damage the skin. Moisturiser should be applied everyday as part of your skincare routine.

If you’re going for speed over a spa experience, go for a moisturiser that includes an SPF so you can get things going quicker in the mornings. This one from Malin + Goetz is enriched with Green Tea Antioxidants to form a barrier from environmental damage.

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Switch to a cream moisturiser

If your skin starts to feel dry throughout the day then it’s likely that your routine isn’t living up to expectation. Switch to the lighter moisturiser you’ve been using for the summer for something heavier and creamier in texture.

Artificial heat and cold outside conditions will be harsher on your skin and the added moisture from a thicker cream will help to compensate. Try warming it in between your hands first so it becomes more fluid and then massaging it in to the face for at least 30 seconds.

This elemental barrier cream includes Shea Butter and Candelilla Wax to protect your skin from the harsher season of nature.

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Stay healthy (looking)

Although this isn’t exactly a skin saviour, you will begin to look more and more like a corpse as the winter progresses.

Just a little bit of the Le Labo face bronzer blended into your skin will add a hint of colour that can be easily washed away at night, meaning you haven’t got to worry about awkward streaks developing as you sleep (or brown sheets – never a good look).

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Lip Service

If there’s one thing you will always notice in winter is that your lips become dry. As you lick your lips to make them feel better and in turn make them feel the opposite, you need a quick fix to stop them becoming sore and chapped.

Find a lip balm like this one from Aesop that combines SPF30 and is enriched with botanical oils that will help to soothe your lips fast.

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Switch out your cleanser

There’s a general rule with your cleaning routine; if you finish cleansing and your skin feels overly tight then somethings wrong. Tight skin usually means that your products have stripped away the good oils that you need for your skin to stay healthy.

Foam cleansers can be particularly harsh so try a gentle oil cleanser that will nourish your skin and not strip it.

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