Spoilers ahead for the grand finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four. 

We have a winner, baby! RuPaul has crowned the UK’s Next Drag Superstar. 

For their final maxi-challenge, the top four queens – Black Peppa, Danny Beard, Cheddar Gorgeous and Jonbers Blonde – were tasked with “taking turns stealing the spotlight” during a mega mix performance of Drag Race anthems, aka Ru’s hit singles.

Like previous finale challenges, the ladies were asked to write their own original lyrics and learn an intricate dance routine from acclaimed choreographer Claudimar Neto. 

“Now Black Peppa, your solo is Sissy That Walk. Cheddar Gorgeous… The Realness. Danny Beard, your solo is Call Me Mother and Jonbers Blonde, Kitty Girl,” Ru explained. 

In addition to their maxi-challenge duties, the four queens also “Spilt The Tea” with Ru and Michelle Visage about their journey in the competition.

Following their emotional sit-downs with the two beloved judges, the queens headed to dance rehearsal with Caludimar to learn the dynamic routine. 

While Cheddar and Peppa grasped their choreography, Danny and Jonbers seemingly struggled to land the moves. 

With their lyrics written and faces beat, the final four headed to the mainstage to showcase their “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” in their Drag Race UK mega mix performance.  

After prancing down the runway in their “Grand Finale Eleganza” ensembles, the queens went backstage to untuck while the panel conducted their final deliberation.



However as they entered the workroom, the final four were greeted by past Drag Race UK winners The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney and Krystal Versace  – who gave them inspiring advice regarding life after Drag Race.

“I do promise you though, even though you are knackered, it is worth it if you win, even being in the final, but it looks better winning,” Lawrence joked. 

The Vivienne echoed similar sentiments, stating: “Do you know what? It’s so amazing sitting here looking at four such diverse queens. The best piece of advice I could give is don’t get complacent now.

 “You have got the most amazing future ahead of you, doing things you’ve never dreamed of doing. Whoever wins, the hard work starts the minute you leave Drag Race.”  

The previous winners also urged the queens never to disrespect their fans and try not to fall under pressure. 

“Just remember, like, don’t look at anyone else. Follow your heart, and this is the key to do whatever you want,” Krystal added.



After a final runway moment from the eliminated queens, RuPaul informed Jonbers and Peppa that it “wasn’t their time” before announcing Cheddar and Danny as the top two queens of the season.

To the beat of Dame Shirley Bassey’s hit song, This Is My Life, the top two delivered a dramatic, spectacular, and emotional performance for the crown. 

RuPaul then announced that – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! – Danny triumphed over Cheddar to become the winner of season four. Condragulations to our brand new queen. 

Shortly after the episode, viewers flocked to social media to praise Danny for her incredible win. 

One fan wrote: “A HUGEEEE condragulations to Danny Beard for being our first EVER bearded queen to win.”

Another person tweeted: “I’ve never screamed and shouted in happiness at a drag race winner like that before. What a finale. What a series. Incredible winner.” 



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