Drag Race star Eureka O’Hara has shared an update regarding her transition in a heartwarming post.

Back in December, the We’re Here star publicly came out as a trans woman during an interview with PEOPLE.

“I’m blessed now because I know who I am without question,” she told the news outlet.

“It’s been really magical, and it’s been probably the easiest transitional and coming out journey that I’ve ever been on. I hope my story teaches people that gender is a journey, and we are ever-evolving people.”

Eureka also opened up about reexamining her gender identity after meeting Mandy, a trans individual who transitioned in their 70s, on an episode of We’re Here.

“Hearing the story of Mandy regretting losing all that time — and all the regret and the pain that she was going through during the time of not fully being herself — was really important to me,” said Eureka.

“When I left Mandy’s house that day, I started spiraling. It just had me searching my mind, ‘What is happening, what is going on?’ Then I just answered myself: ‘I’m trans. I’m a trans woman.’ It just clicked.”

At the time of her interview, the reality TV talent had been undergoing hormone therapy for seven months.

Since her coming out announcement, Eureka has remained an open book about her trans journey.

Taking to Instagram on 9 March, the star revealed to her followers that she legally changed her name and gender.

“International Women’s Day! In the eyes of God and Now the Law! I’m a woman,” she wrote.

Eureka also added a screenshot of the legal document showcasing the monumental change.

Shortly after uploading the news, fans flocked to her comment section to send congratulatory messages.

One person wrote: “Congrats! So much patience is required in the process. So happy that you get to own your name xoxo.”

Another fan commented: “We needed some good news! Get it girl!”

Eureka’s comments section was also inundated with supportive messages from her Drag Race peers like Michelle Visage and Gia Gunn.

“SO HAPPY FOR YOU DOLL,” Visage wrote.

Gunn added: “You have always been a woman. Congrats mama!”

We can’t wait to see Eureka accomplish more gender-affirming feats throughout her journey as a trans woman.