Like Miss Vanjie would say, “Come get these cookies!” 

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo left us all cooped and gooped earlier this year when she became the first eliminated queen on Drag Race’s record-breaking tenth season.

Her now-iconic, groundbreaking and revolutionary exit – which saw the queen chant “Miss Vanjie” over 6,000 times (this number has been confirmed) as she sashayed away – led to the performer becoming a viral sensation.

Mama Ru even recreated it on the main stage and wore a Miss Vanjie necklace – like, c’mon? What an icon!

Because we’re still *obsessed* with her, we’ve put her on the cover of our September issue and got her to spill the T on pretty much everythang: Donald Trump, global warming, Cher, finding love as a drag queen, and what she doesn’t like to hear in the bedroom…

Miss Vanjie revealed: “I would not want somebody saying the ‘Vanjie’ bullshit in the middle of intercourse.

“Fans love to send me videos of them being in an intimate setting with somebody else, and then say my name in the middle of them having sex. It’s so weird. It’s the freakiest fucking thing.

“For me, I would automatically get turned off and get really soft, so I don’t get why saying my name during the session became a thing.”

The Puerto-Rican performer also opened up about being an inspiration for LGBTQ youth.

“If I’m able to make people relate and express themselves, and I inspire them to do whatever they might want to do – even if it’s Barbie or flowers on a corset – I think it’s great,” she explained.

“Growing up, I had Britney Spears… so for them to have RuPaul’s Drag Race is great as we can show them that you get to be yourself.

“There’s always hope when you get to grow up, you get to dress and up and do whatever you want to do. You don’t have someone telling you what to do.”

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Photography Ernesto Casillas
Fashion Cazias by Alejandro Gomez
Interview William J Connolly

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